Reasons to Quit

There are lots of good reasons to stop smoking. You can find mountains of facts, statistics and stories from ex-smokers who only quit after smoking seriously damaged their health and ruined their lives.

Before getting engrossed in all the research and evidence to prove that smokers should give up, it is useful to reflect on your personal reasons for wanting to quit.

You need to think about your relationship with smoking. What it means to you, why you do it, and how it affects specific areas of your life, from health and finance, to lifestyle and career.

Instead of quitting because of a generic reason like smoking gives you lung cancer, you need to identify real ways that smoking affects your life negatively, as well as the direct and indirect benefits you’ll get when you give up.

To cope with the demanding physical and mental challenges of breaking the addiction, you will need good tangible reasons you can personally relate to. All too often, people relapse when the going gets tough, because they don’t have sufficiently strong reasons to quit and stay smoke free.

Your custom list of reasons to quit will become the core of your smoking cessation master plan. It should be tailored to suit your individual circumstances and profile.

You should invest a great deal of time and effort to think clearly, thoroughly and carefully about what you need to quit.

Write down as many reasons you can think of. Be real and don’t worry about how silly some of them may seem, as no one else needs to see it. Once you’ve put down all your thoughts, you can group them into appropriately, and arrange the list in order of priority to get a definitive picture of why you’re going to stop smoking.

Let this be the basic foundation of your plan to quit. You can add to it, amend it, and make refinements to it whenever necessary. Once you talk to friends and family to get their views, you may have more reasons to add, and when you research online for more tips, you’ll definitely be able to add more depth and breadth to the list.

In summary, think before you quit, go through and cover all the angles so that when you actually do quit, you have a detailed plan to follow and a solid list of quitting reasons to fall back on when you’re getting withdrawals and craving to have a cigarette.

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