Real Reasons to Quit

There are plenty of very good reasons for all smokers to give up smoking, but ultimately, everyone who manages to quit does it for specific reasons that are unique to their personal circumstances.

What you need to do is to identify why you really want to stop for good. Almost all of the reasons to quit will be applicable to you, but to get you through the challenging moments, you need to have one or two very strong motivators.

Here are some of the best reasons to give up smoking:

  1. Health
  2. Medical
  3. Family
  4. Fitness
  5. Financial
  6. Social
  7. Beauty
  8. Career
  9. Pregnancy
  10. Children

1. Health – The majority of people who quit smoking do it for the health benefits. Smoking is extremely harmful to the human body, and it kills most of the people who love it so dearly. After years of abusing your body, and dramatically increasing the risks of dying from a critical illness caused by smoking, the number 1 reason to quit is to improve your health.

2. Medical – A lot of smokers only quit after discovering they have a medical condition that will be made worse if they continue to smoke. For some people, the illness may not need to be at an advanced stage to frighten them enough to give up the bad habit. For others who are critically ill, they have no choice but to stop if they want a chance to recover and avoid an almost certain death.

3. Family – Some people can’t quit to help themselves but they can do it for their family. Sometimes they are forced to do it, others are coerced into it, and the rest manage to voluntarily stop to please those who are important to them. Regardless of whether it’s for a nagging parent, an unhappy partner, or some other family member, a good reason to quit smoking is to make a loved one happy.

4. Fitness – One of the best reasons to give up smoking is to improve your overall level of fitness. Not only will you perform better in whatever sports you play, and be able to achieve more in the gym, on your run or in any strenuous activities you engage in, but a fitter body will also give you more energy and make you feel less lethargic generally. You will basically feel better about yourself and everything around you when you’re fitter.

5. Financial – Money is not normally the main reason why people quit smoking, but for a lot of smokers it could and should be. Although a single pack of cigarettes doesn’t cost much, when you add up all the packs smoked each month, the amount of money spent is normally quite significant relative to the disposable income of most smokers. Also, when you get a smoking related illness, the medical costs and loss of income from being unable to work will escalate the financial costs of being a smoker.

6. Social – Smoking used to be a trendy habit at one time, but these days, it is rapidly becoming less of a socially accepted habit. There’s a greater awareness of the effects of passive smoking now, and smoking in public places is increasingly been banned. Today’s society is gradually treating smokers as outcasts who have a filthy addiction, and not tolerating the stench and harmful effects of second-hand smoke anymore. People tend to look upon smokers in a negative way now, and it’s definitely a strong reason to give it up.

7. Career – As smoking is becoming socially unacceptable, with smokers being frowned upon, the image of smokers at work, among peers and with employers is being tarnished as well. Non-smokers don’t like the smell of smoke in the air, in your breath, on your clothes, or on your hands. It puts them off and paints a negative image of you. Apart from these physical aspects, as a smoker, you will also be perceived to have a weak and addictive character that is not motivated or determined to succeed at what’s right. By quitting, not only will you impress your boss, but you will also spend less time having smoke breaks when you’re at work, and be able to achieve more.

8. Beauty – Smoking harms your body in lots of ways, from internal organ damage, to bad complexion externally, and many other areas in between. If you’re concerned about the way you look, the condition of your skin, and your overall appearance, you should stop smoking. You will have better skin, healthier gums, and no more chapped lips or stained teeth. With an improved blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, you will feel revitalized and look your best once you quit for good.

9. Pregnancy – Women who are pregnant or planning to conceive should stop smoking. If you’ve always wanted to quit, or even if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind, one of the best reasons to give up is for the health of your unborn child whose wellbeing is completely dependent on you. Some smokers can’t stop when asked by their parents, spouses, siblings, or friends, but when it comes to their own baby who will be directly harmed if they continue to smoke while pregnant, it’s a different matter. There can never be a better time or a better reason to kick the habit.

10. Children – Smokers who have young or teenage kids don’t really need any other reasons to quit, although there are many. From setting a bad example and having double standards, to harming them with secondary smoke and putting their futures at risk if you contract a smoking related illness, there can be no denying that parents should not smoke. In addition, the time and money wasted on cigarettes can be put towards giving your kids a better education or quality of life.

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