It’s All in the Mind

When it comes to smoking cessation, there are smokers who have never tried to do it and won’t even consider it, those who are thinking of giving it a shot, those who tried and relapsed, and those who succeeded.

While there may be physiological, genetic, environmental, circumstantial, and social related factors that makes each smoker’s situation unique, there’s a notable similarity when it comes to their mental attitude and general perception towards giving up smoking.

In short, the psychological aspect of quitting plays a much bigger role than most people think.

Of course, things like mental strength and will power are the vital elements needed to initially give up and ultimately stay quit over the medium to long term. But just as important is what you think of smoking, and the way you think about quitting it permanently.

If everyone knows that smoking kills, why are the die-hards not even willing to find out more quitting and at least give it a try? It just doesn’t make sense right?

Well, under all the cocktail of reasons given by this ‘I’ll Never Quit’ lot is the fear of failure, and being terrified about the suffering they’ll need to go through. They belong to the ‘I Won’t Be Able to Do It’ and ‘I Can’t Live Without a Smoke’ group who develop a mental block towards quitting.

In contrast, the people who succeed are anchored by a positive attitude and determination that ‘If She can Quit, so can I’, ‘I’ll Give it a Shot, and if I Fail, I’ll Just Try Again’, or ‘It’ll be a Nightmare to go Cold Turkey, but I’ll Survive’.

Can you see the massive disparity in the psychological makeup between those who succeed in giving up, and the group who are too afraid to even try?

It’s all in the head, or most of it at least. There’s no doubt that your state of mind and mental preparedness will make or break your attempt to give up smoking. It will affect everything, from how you interpret the evidence you read, to the way you deal with the withdrawal symptoms encountered in the early days, and how you manage every craving you get in the weeks after quitting.

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