Do It For the Right Reasons

You need to be extremely motivated to stop smoking completely, and this motivation comes from your own personal reasons for quitting.

If you don’t have very good reasons to give up the addiction, you will probably end up failing. This is where most people go wrong. They try to quit because they are told to, not because they want to. They try to stop because it supposedly makes them healthier, but they’re not overly concerned about the health risks anyway.

To succeed in quitting effectively, a smoker has to do it for themselves, for reasons that they hold a strong conviction, and for meaningful reasons that they genuinely believe in and can directly relate to.

Each person will have slightly different motivations to stop smoking, and it is imperative that you identify ones that mean something to you and will improve your quality of life. For example, don’t just quit because an advertisement says that ‘smoking kills’. Instead, find out how it does, and whether you have a family history of smoking related illnesses so that you can relate to the risks in a more tangible way.

Better still, identify real areas where your health is currently being affected by your smoking, and think about how those ailments can be naturally cured once you quit. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, think of how part of your mortgage will instantly pay itself if you stop smoking. If you’ve just had a newborn, think of how much your child needs you and how their life would be compromised should you fall sick with a smoking related disease.

Sit down and find your own good reasons to quit smoking. Think hard about it, and reflect on all areas of your life that are impacted by your addiction, from health and fitness aspects, to financial and social considerations.

Make them meaningful and make them count, as they will serve as the key pillars to motivate you through the tough journey of giving up the nasty habit.

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