Consider Quitting

The road to a smoke free life begins with having an open mind about kicking the habit.

Quitting smoking is not easy. For some people it may be the hardest thing they’ve ever tried to do. Before the actual cessation begins, there is a lot of learning and thinking to be done, and if a person is not even willing to listen or find out more about the subject, there’s just not much hope of getting them to quit.

The journey of a thousand steps begins by taking one, and to stop smoking, it starts by being mentally willing to consider the idea of potentially giving up. An open mind allows you to take the next step of assessing the relevant information in order to give the matter some serious thought.

If you’re a smoker, by reading this, you’ve already taken that first step. Well done. In fact, you’ve progressed a fair bit more as you’re actively researching about the topic. You’re definitely on the right path. Keep it up, and carry on.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of smokers realize they should stop smoking and have the initiative to help themselves. If you’re a son, daughter, friend, spouse or family member trying to get your loved one to quit, you need to take a gentle and methodical approach, especially if they are resilient and unwilling to accept your suggestion or offer to help.

There’s a great deal of very convincing evidence on why smokers should quit smoking, but it’s no use if you can’t get it into their heads. And there’s no point forcing them to read or listen to it if they’re not in the right frame of mind.

In some respects, it may be better not to push the facts at them when they’re not ready for it, as they may be guarded and react in a defensive way that ends up being counter productive.

Just like a child, most people don’t like to be told they have to do something. It’s much more effective to take an indirect approach when you’re trying to convince a smoker to discover why smoking is harmful to their health.

The reasons to quit smoking are plentiful, varied and very compelling. All you have to do is to get a smoker to just consider the overwhelming mountain of facts that are available.

For the particularly stubborn characters, it may be easier to get them to be receptive if you tell them they don’t need to quit (yet), and all you’re asking them to do is to just find out more about the thing they love to do so much, what they spend a great deal of money on, and what they spend a significant part of their lives doing.

It’s important that you ask them to give the information shared a fair chance of delivering its message. They need to be open to accepting the facts presented in order to consider quitting. The whole exercise is quite pointless if it’s all done just to humor or entertain you.

Focus on getting them to discover the undisputable negative health effects of smoking, the appealing benefits of giving it up, and how it’s something that’s really worth thinking about.

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