Commitment to Quit Instead of Trying to Quit

When you’re trying to achieve something that’s very challenging, you need to be extremely determined and dedicated in order to succeed. Quitting smoking is one of these challenges that requires this level of commitment and perseverance.

Unfortunately, far too many people do not approach it with the right frame of mind. When you tell yourself you’ll ‘try’ to quit, or you’ll ‘give it a shot’, you’re not giving yourself as much of a chance, compared to someone who positively claims that ‘I’m going to quit for good’.

You may be thinking that this is all just semantics and wordplay, but it does have a significant psychological effect and a notable impact on the end result.

The poor smoking cessation success statistics is probably due to the high percentage of smokers who ‘try’ to give up in a half-hearted manner.

It’s impossible to really stop smoking if you’re not fully committed. There’s no two ways about it. You have to really want to give it up permanently, or else you won’t be able to make it through the withdrawal symptoms and difficult times ahead.

A good example of displaying commitment to the cause is making it public and telling your friends and family about what you’ve decided to do. Not what you’re trying to do, but what you’ve made a firm life-changing decision on.

In contrast, smokers who are not willing to do whatever it takes to quit forever, tend to keep their feeble attempts to themselves because they are subconsciously prepared to fail already.

Of course there are no guarantees you’ll succeed if you tell the world what you’re doing, but it definitely gives you a higher chance of making it through, as you’ll have more people encouraging and supporting you.

To give up smoking for good, you have to be ready to go all the way. There’s no half way and no turning back, so don’t give yourself any safety nets like not telling people about it just in case you don’t make it.

Let the people around you help you, instead of hiding your brave decision from them. Tell them you’ve quit and ask for their assistance in reminding you of your promise when you’re tempted to have a smoke. If they are smokers, ask them not to smoke in front of you if possible. Make the whole topic of your quitting open, and be accountable to your commitment.

Remember, losers try to quit and winners decide to quit.

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